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CC66 Online Casino - Free 777 Bonus for New Players

CC66 Online Casino is a legit online casino in the Philippines that gives FREE 777 Bonus for new players. 
CC66 is a lisenced online casino platform that is regulated by Philippine Amusement Gaming Corporation in the Philippines.

How to Claim 777 Welcome Bonus in CC66 Online Casino?

CC66 Online Casino is offering the highest and biggest amount an online casino can give.

777 Free welcome bonus is the bonus given to all new players in cc66 online casino. This bonus is for the gratitude of registering under the cc66 casino.

The award will automatically be received by the new player giving the player a red envelope pop-out to open.

To claim the award, follow these simple steps:

  1. Registration – To open an account in CC66 online casino, a player should click “REGISTER” button.
  2. The system will ask for the player’s personal details. That includes your NAME, personal CONTACT NUMBER, AGE and email address. To avoid future errors in withdwaral, the player must put and type the correct personal information
  3. Once the player has put the information completely, the player can now press “Done”
  4. A text message of 4-digit code will be sent to the player’s contact number to verify the account in cc66 online casino
  5. Once the account is verified, the player can open successfully the account being made.

How to Bind an Account for Withdrawal?

In order to receive the won amount got by playing in cc66 online casino, the player must first bind an account.

Here are the steps of binding an E-wallet or bank account

  1. Click “MEMBER” that you can see on the top of your screen inside cc66 online casino

2. Inside member, Click the “PERSONAL INFORMATION” to complete the registration process

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Note: It is important to complete the needed information to verify the account. Once the account is verified, a player will receive the free 777 bonus to start the gaming experience in cc66 online casino

  • PERSONAL INFORMATION – Required to put your the player’s Nickname, Birthday; to confirma and verify the player’s age, Email Address; to email important request for changes, Full name and Facebook; optional – Players are not required to connect their facebook account in cc66 
  • LOGIN PASSWORD – It is the password needed to open the cc66 account of players. It is important to create a password that is easy to remember but hard to copy or duplicate to avoid hacks. If the players forget the login password in the future, connect to customer service to guide the player to recover the account.
  • BANK ACCOUNT – A player is required to bind an account, if E-wallet is not available. For high withdrawal amounts, a player is convinced to bind a bank account available inside cc66 online casino. For limitless amount of withdrawal, binding bank accounts if the perfect choice. Please note that this is a transparent and safe way to receive the amount being withdrawn in cc66 online casino
  • BIND E-WALLET – For players owning an E-wallet account, players can choose any e-wallet available in cc66 online casino. Binding E-wallet accounts is a conventient and the fastest way of receiving the player’s withdrawal or winning amount. cc66 e-wallet withdrawal is safe and legit with code encrption to avoid hackers and errors. 
  • TRANSACTION PASSWORD – It is the password needed for important transactions like “Withdrawal” and “Information” 
    In every withdrawal transaction, a transaction password is required to complete the process. Same with withdrawal transaction, a transaction password is need to complete the request of the information change like “Login passwords, Name, Contact number and email address. 
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