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8k8 Casino - Philippines #1 Online Gaming Casino

8k8 Casino is an online casino operating legitimately in the Philippines. The online casino holds a licence to operate in the country making it sure to provide players old and new a safe and secured gaming experience. 

With amazing promotions, 8k8 online casino became one of the most popular online casinos in the Philippines. 

The casino offers top winning games that are created and developed by the top game developers in the Philippines. 

Why Choose 8k8 Online Casino as Gaming Partner

Safe and Secured

8k8 online casino is a licenced gaming casino in the Philippines - Legal to operate. The site ensures safe and secured gaming platform for players.

High Winning Games

The site offers games that are known to be popular in the Philippines. Games are played by most players -old or new. Smooth gaming experience is provided by 8k8 to ensure smooth and enjoyable gameplay.

24/7 Active Customer Support

The site offers well-rounded agents to assist all players with any concerns that are encountered during playing. These active agents are well-trained in assisting all concerns that even non-players can ask assistance for account creation and other concerns.

Easy Money Transfer Transaction

8k8 online casino prioritizes safe and secured money transfer transactions. They provide a protected and seucred system for players to have a safe transfer of money from and to accounts.

Game Providers

8k8 online casino is partnered with the known game providers in the Philippines with licences to use the games. These games are easy to play and easy to win.

lot machine games – known to be the most simple games to play yet high in winning real money opportunities. These games offer free bonus rounds and spins also known as “Scatter” to enjoy rewards. 

Fishing games – Are the most fun to play games that players may experience catching fishes in the ocean. Players will also have the chance to play with other players in fishing games making it more fun and enjoyable.

Poker games – These games are for those players who like playing cards. Some poker games in 8k8 casino can be played live making it transparent and secured. Just like traditional poker, online poker rules are the same. 

Lottery games – The game is designed for players who like betting numbers. Just like the traditional lottery, online lottery offers the same winning opportunity. All the winning numbers you see in television is also the winning numbers in online lottery. 

register get free 777

8k8 online casino offers free up to 777 welcome bonus to all new players. This bonus is given for new players in return for creating an account with 8k8 casino. 

the 777 free bonus is rewarded for players with complete details of required information. 

How to Get 777 Free Bonus


To start, it is required to make an account with 8k8 casino
1. Click the “REGISTER” button for non-players to start creating your account 

2. A pop-up will appear on your screen requiring you to fill the required information the system needs. That includes your Name, contact information, email address and Age.

3. Age should be 18 years and older to successful account creation. Under 18 years old is not allowed to play in any online casino sites

4. Account verification – to verify your 8k8 account, provide your contact information. Make it sure that you provide the correct information because the system will send you 4 codes for account verification 

5. Once an account is created, you will now have the access in 8k8 casino and can play games. 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION – Need to complete to receive 777 Welcome BONUS. 

1. Go to personal center – Inside personal center, another set of information is needed. 

2. Bind your account – This is for withdrawal purposes. 8k8 casino offers a safe and secured money transfer transactions that are protected. Players can choose from E-wallet or bank account options for binding. Binded account is the account that players will receive their withdrawal amount. 

3. Withdrawal Password – It is important for players to set withdrawal password and never forget the password since it will be of big use in terms of withdrawal transactions. Log in password and withdrawal password should not be the same, this is to protect players and to ensure correct information of players. 

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